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Four Reasons You’ll Keep Your Job. Or?

Surviving 2021’s tough personnel decisions requires effectively documenting your value. Here’s how.

Oprah’s Four Basic Success Traits

We’re born with them, but are you using them?

The Cardboard Box and the Business Card

Finding your purpose…

One life-changing question prevents big mistakes

Photo of a man perched on a mountain looking out over an ocean.
Photo of a man perched on a mountain looking out over an ocean.
Photo by Camargo Anthony from Pexels

“Son, you can sit on a mountain, but you can’t sit on a tack. It’s the little things that bother people the most.” My dad had a knack for stating the truth, and with 61 plus years under my belt, I know he was right then, and now.

As I noted in a previous article, neuroscientist Tali Sharot argues, “Humans do not hold a positivity bias on account of having read too many self-help books. Rather, optimism may be so essential to our survival that it is hard-wired into our most complex organ, the brain.” Her research uncovered something our…

Lessons learned from our show to up your OVIQ — your Optically and Vocally Inviting Quotient

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Welcome to the age of Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and other video call platforms. We use Zoom for our show’s interviews, and its use abounds on YouTube podcasts. Though we think of video calls as a recent invention, it’s not.

An aviation tool I learned will help calculate yours

King Air C90a photo by author.

Medium has plenty of articles about time. Yet, I haven’t found one about calculating the true value of your time. The good news is people far smarter than yours truly figured it out. Aviation inspired the equation.

It’s not as easy as taking your total annual earnings divided by the total hours worked. You’re undervaluing it.

Knowing your true time value helps you make better decisions. It alters your perceptions of other people’s time, too.

Air Who?

Walmart’s not exactly known for needlessly spending money. Did I say they’re tight with a dollar? Did you know they own the world’s…

Fire up your creativity with these five questions!

Find a need and fill it now?
Find a need and fill it now?
Author Image

A friend asked me how to develop better ideas. I refined his question by replacing better with winning.

We’re born with an imagination, and we can develop ideas anywhere and anytime. To develop it, we need to train and regularly exercise it.

Asking better questions helps develop more winning ideas.

Find a need and fill it now

Some say that’s how to get wealthy. It’s a good start, but my dad refined it: Find a human need and fill it right now. He used that mantra with his mail-order company.

Everything he sold filled a human need. He practiced what he preached, and it’s an excellent lesson…

A simple way to empower imaginations

Image by Stefan Malmesjö

Growing up with creative parents gives you an advantage in the creativity department, and I certainly go near the head of the class given my dad’s background. My mother was too, but that’s another story.

Finding your purpose within

Photo by Brandable Box on Unsplash

Walking into my Dad’s hospital room I heard, “I’m not afraid of dying.” Um. Dad, you’re not supposed to be saying that!

A lifelong friend was visiting him, and they were chatting about their health issues. My dad received his bone marrow cancer diagnosis the day before.

Still in my early twenties, it shook me hearing him utter those words. I thought it sounded like he was giving up the fight before starting. But he was 61, my age now, so I understand what he was getting at.

Look at his bio and you’ll see he lived a remarkable life:

We’re born with them, but are you using them?

Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pexels

In early January 1984, I was watching AM Chicago’s new host on WLS-TV. She wasn’t your typical morning show talking head. Here was a force of nature jumping off the screen and into our den. Given the almost meteoric rise of her ratings, I wasn’t the only one sensing it. Something special was happening.

I called out to my dad as he had to see this. After watching for five minutes, I said, “Dad, she’s going to be a star.” He said, “You’re right, and she’s a good example of OEII.”

Yes, the young woman was Oprah Winfrey, and the…

Surviving 2021’s tough personnel decisions requires effectively documenting your value. Here’s how.

Are you headed for the exit? (Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels)

“Son, there are four major reasons you’re hired. Almost all executives have them in mind.”

My dad said that years ago, and he’s still correct. They’re also reasons for being fired, which is a far greater concern now than when we started 2020.

If you can show at least one of the following four reasons, your odds of staying employed go up. Show two or more, and you’ll fare even better. Yes, other reasons play a role such as being a good fit, team player, hard worker, you show up on time and don’t waste it on social media. Don’t forget the original job requirements you first met.

2021 Memo: It’s wise to ask HR…

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