Born and raised in the Chicago area, he worked in the automotive industry as a car salesperson and racing team manager, financial services as a Registered Representative, and a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

A short stint in computer software sales led to co-founding an e-commerce company, which grew into one of IBM's first e-Business partners, followed by founding an air and water purification environmental services company.

Living in Panama since 2004, he worked in business development at Life Flight Panama, built to promote aviation charters. He co-founded an air medical transport service using the membership model, like Direct Primary Care.

In April of 2022, he published the Expat Health Guide. A how-to book for current and future expats to secure outstanding care in their new country.

Over the last decade, he’s represented two businesses delivering protective medical care to high-net-worth individuals by former White House physicians. He created, produced, and hosted the Winning Healthcare Food Fights show. He created Going Panama, a media channel currently on YouTube devoted to all things Panama, where he serves as the editor and publisher.

Occasionally, he writes for A Little Bit Better on covering personal development and health subjects.

He’s a bit of a technology nerd, and if you haven’t guessed by now, grew up a bit of a bookworm, finding an entire world awaiting him in the family’s Encyclopedia Britannica. However, you can take him to a cocktail party, and he’ll entertain an audience with stories of meeting rock stars at the Ferrari factory, his thoughts entering turn one after taking the green flag in his race car, and if time permits, how a young Jimmy Buffett unknowingly worked on a future floating nuclear power station used in the Panama Canal.

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Hunter N. Schultz

Author of the Expat Health Guide, and re-arranging electrons for while living in Panama. Reaching for the stars. Mud’s not an option.